Jung Ryeo Won is happy as a single lady!

Recently the “Witch’s Court” actress sat down for an interview with TVReport, where she talked about how she dealt with stress and whether she’s worried about getting married.

“When I’m stressed, I like to draw pictures, listen to music, and dance like crazy by myself,” she said. She also shared that she gives her hand-drawn pictures to her friends. The actress is known to be friends with high-profile celebrities like Han Ye Seul, Son Dambi, and Soy Kim. The actresses often throw special events for each other on their birthdays and go on trips together.

When the topic of marriage was brought up, Jung Ryeo Won said, “I think I’ve let all that go. I’m not lonely at all. I always have my friends around me, and none of my friends are married either. If one of them gets married, then marriage might seem more real to me. Even when we’re all together, we don’t talk deeply about marriage.”

The actress recently wrapped up the popular KBS drama “Witch’s Court,” co-starring Yoon Hyun Min.

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