Recently Jung Ryeo Won, star of hit KBS drama “Witch’s Court,” sat down for an interview to talk about her thoughts on her career thus far.

She revealed that “Witch’s Court” had been a blessing for her because of her long hiatus. “A lot of people thought that I was choosing projects very carefully, but actually there weren’t many options coming in,” she said. “My seniors all told me that it becomes hard for an actress from her mid-thirties, but I didn’t understand at the time. Now I realize that this is why so many actresses in their mid-thirties get married or think of studying abroad. A lot of actresses change their career paths around this time and now I know why.”

Jung Ryeo Won also looked back on the early days of her career. “I always want to be an actor that breaks the mold,” she said. “I haven’t learned traditional acting and started acting without even knowing the basics. I’ve learned a lot from looking over my seniors’ shoulders on set, and I hope that those things become my strengths. I want to break out of the norm.”

Despite many recent questions about marriage, she has said that she is not worried about that at the moment. She said, “When I lived in Australia at 17, the girls around me would get married when they turned 24. So I thought at the time, ‘Ah, people get married at 24.’ But when I was 24, I was going to auditions as an actor. Since I lost the timing, I thought I would do it when I turned 30 but now I’m only focused on acting. It’s not that I’m not thinking of marriage, but no one has introduced me to anyone either. I still have more fun hanging out with my friends. However, my ideal type is Ethan Hawke. Isn’t he cool?”

The actress then shared her plans post-drama. “I’m planning to go on a trip for now,” she said. “I’m not thinking of the next project yet. Rather than go on to the next project right away, I want to enjoy the time I spent with the last project. During my 20s, I’d work constantly on the new thing without taking the time to be grateful for my work, but now I think it’s good to rest and enjoy myself.”

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