Actress Jung Ryo Won tweeted pictures of herself before and after makeup.  The pictures show a soft \ difference between pre and post makeup.

The actress tweeted the pictures on April 28 with the following caption: “It’s been awhile since I’ve gone out. Before and after makeup pictures. See you later.” The pictures show the transformation from ordinary girl to stunning celebrity.

The before images highlight the actress’ pure girl-next-door look while the after makeup shot shows her with a smoky eye and looking like a celebrity ready to walk the red carpet.  

Followers replied, “She was a goddess even before putting on makeup,” and “Is it the magic of makeup?”

Following the success of her drama, “Salary Man Cho Han Ji,” Jung Ryeo Won has been taking it easy and has not taken on major projects and seems to be enjoying her time with her hobbies (sketching and art) before delving back into work. 

Jung Ryo Won