At Kangnam-gu in Seoul, actress Jung Si Ah attended the VIP premiere conference for her husband, Baek Do Bin‘s movie “Champ” in Samsung-dong’s Megabox Coex. Jung Si Ah was reported saying, “I am here to cheery for my hubby!”

She is seen stunning in the usual chocolate brown romantic wavy hair, along with a patterned semi see-through long sleeves blouse with a elegant and chic high waist pencil skirt.  Netizens reacted with saying, “Wow, I can’t believe she is still married!,” “Her legs and her complexion are amazing!”, and “Wow, I wish when I were in my late 20’s, I could still pull that look off.”

This upcoming Korean Thanksgiving “Chuseok,” the newly premiering movie “Champ” directed by Hwan Kyung Lee will assure warm laughs for the family.

“Champ,” a non-fiction movie, is about a family that loses the mother through an automobile accident. The main character (Cha Tae Hyun), an athlete, damages his optic nerves and is left with his only daughter (played by Kim Soo Jung). The movie is played off with a horse that lost its baby through a similar situation, and its refusal to let humans ride on it. The movie brings out warm feelings and tears through depicting the miraculous overcoming of their obstacles.