Actress Jung So Min reacted strongly to the recent rumors that alleged her of undergoing plastic surgery. The up-and-coming actress has recently been accused of receiving plastic surgery due to her improved looks and loss in weight.

On April 13, Jung So Min expressed her true feelings by tweeting, “My plastic surgery rumors are up now. Is it a sin to have plastic surgery? It’s natural for any woman to want to get prettier. Please leave alone people who want to get plastic surgery. It’s not even committing a sin. Only the ones who think ‘I don’t want to get prettier’ should diss plastic surgery beauties.”

Netizens who saw the tweet commented, “I guess she was really mad,” “You need to take a chill pill, no need to react like that,” “I agree with her, who doesn’t want to get prettier?”

Jung So Min appears as Im Si Wan‘s partner on MBC’s sitcom “Standby.”