Actor Jung Suk Won recently shared a few bits of his love story. He is dating sexy singer Baek Ji Young. The two have publicly acknowledged their relationship and even participated in photo shoots as a couple.

In a recent episode of MBC’s “Nollowa,” Jung Suk Won revealed some unknown facts about his girlfriend. “She’s feminine at heart. She always carries a book around in her bag and makes the effort to read,” he said.

He said that he fell for Baek Ji Young because she is both tough and shy. The actor also disclosed that the singer wanted to break up with him, for his own good. However, he fought it and told her that he is confident that they will be able to make it together.

Aside from Jung Suk Won, the episode of “Nollowa” with the concept “I Am an Action Star” featured Kim Bo Seung, Lee Sang In and stunt director Jung Doo Hong as guests.