It was recently revealed that actors Jung In Sun and Lee Yi Kyung from “Waikiki” have actually been dating for a year.

During a roundtable interview with the actress, Jung In Sun opened up about her boyfriend Lee Yi Kyung. “An acquaintance introduced us to each other, and after having a conversation with him, we realized that we click really well,” she shared.

“He and I give each other lots of strength. We’re both actors, so we’re very considerate and respectful of each other. I’m very thankful for him,” she expressed.

She also talked about the sudden dating reports, saying, “I was so surprised. The reports came out while I was eating at home. The first people that came to mind were the ‘Waikiki’ family. I thought of them because I didn’t want our [relationship] to have a negative impact on the drama. I thought of the actors, the people at my agency, and the staff members of the drama. I felt sorry more than anything.”

Jung In Sun emphasized that there weren’t many times she and Lee Yi Kyung came across each other on set. “It wasn’t really an environment where we could share about [our relationship]. I think there were some people who caught on, but thankfully, they didn’t ask us about it. They probably stayed silent because they knew our intentions. I think we successfully kept it a secret,” she added.

Congratulations again to the beautiful couple!

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