Actress Jung In Sun has had a busy year, from JTBC’s “Waikiki” and MBC’s “Terius Behind Me!”

Both of them were sitcom-type dramas, light on the melodrama and heavy on the comedy, and both times Jung In Sun played a mother with young children. In “Waikiki” she was a young mother staying at a broke guesthouse and in “Terius Behind Me” she was a mother of two who gets involved in the life of a legendary black ops agent (So Ji Sub).

She was complimented for her acting with children, with the director of “Terius Behind Me” saying at a press conference, “I don’t know how Jung In Sun is so good at playing mothers. It’s like she’s lived that life before.”

Jung In Sun built up her experience for “Terius Behind Me” through “Waikiki,” where she worked with a very young child, and frequented “mom cafés” to watch how women interacted with their children. She also studied online posts from ordinary mothers writing about their lives.

“[The children in ‘Terius Behind Me’] were so cute,” she said in an interview. “They’re so clever. When I first met them, I asked for a kiss on the cheek and I think that helped us get closer. I was only going for a kiss on the cheek, but the kids were like, ‘Why can’t we just kiss on the lips?’ so we did that too. I still remember the sound of their laughter.”

About her character in “Terius Behind Me,” she said, “Part of Ae Rin is being a housewife who has raised kids and taken care of her family for six years. She’s put her career on hold for six years. She quarreled with her husband and he ended up dying before they could make up. But she stayed strong for her kids. I wanted Ae Rin to start off as someone who only saw herself as a mother and wife, but slowly gained the courage to go back out into the world and be really good at her job. At the end, I wanted her to be a person in her own right and not tied down by her roles as wife and mother. Not someone who ‘used to have a good career’ but someone who ‘does have a good career’ while also raising children and maybe meeting someone new.”

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