TV channel JTBC agreed to export “Padam Padam,” “Bal Hyo Family,” and “Syndrome” to Germany’s satellite broadcasting company KLIKSAT at international television contents market MIPTV in Cannes, France. KLIKSAT has a wide range of viewership covering German, Kurdish, and Iranian languages. The two broadcasting companies will sign a finalizing contract in the near future.  

MIPTV is world’s biggest video contents market that occurs annually, bringing broadcasting companies and their TV shows from all over the world. This year, approximately 4,000 broadcasting companies from 101 countries participated in MIPTV. It was JTBC’s first time to participate in MIPTV. Despite their lack of history, more than 40 buyers from Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and Hong Kong visited JTBC’s booth, showing great interests in their contents. 

Director of Strategic Marketing Kim Tae Hee, who was in charge of JTBC’s booth at MIPTV, commented, “Despite the fact that JTBC is a newly founded broadcasting company with only four months of history, many international buyers were greatly interested in our shows. I think the high quality of our contents attracted these buyers. Especially it is very meaningful for us to successfully arrange a deal with a European company.” 

So far “Padam Padam” has been exported to broadcasting companies in 11 countries.