Jung Woo Sung and Lee Som turn up the heat in the poster for their film “Scarlet Innocence.” Following a couple photo shoot in anticipation of the film’s premiere, the “Scarlet Innocence” poster is revealed, pointing towards the dynamic between their two characters.

In the film, Jung Woo Sung is Hak Kyu, a literature professor who is slowly losing his eyesight. He falls in love with Deok Yi, a woman 17 years younger than him. The poster shows Hak Kyu and Deok Yi locked in an intense embrace. Hak Kyu’s piercing gaze and Deok Yi’s closed eyes clue the viewers in on the love, desire and obsession that ties the two lead characters in a fatal relationship.

“Scarlet Innocence” was screened at the Toronto International Film Festival ahead of its domestic cinema premiere, set for October 2.

Scarlet Innocence poster