“Cold Eyes” star Jung Woo Sung appears in a photo shoot and interview for the July issue of men’s style magazine “L’Officiel Hommes.”  The photo shoot features a summer theme with Jung Woo Sung pouring on the charm and sweat.  In one of the photographs, Jung Woo Sung levels a smouldering gaze at the cameras while chomping down a delectable piece of watermelon.  In another, Jung Woo Sung shows off a sunny smile while still holding onto his watermelon.  The photo shoot made the most of Jung Woo Sung’s floppy-haired good looks and soulful eyes. 

The movie “Cold Eyes” (or “The Watchers” or “Surveillance”) was released on July 3, 2013 and topped Korean box office sales with over 2 million tickets sold in the first week.  The movie is a remake of the Hong Kong movie “Eye in the Sky,” and stars Sol Kyung Gu, Jung Woo Sung, and Han Hyo Joo.  Jung Woo Sung plays the role of James, leader of an international crime group, and Sol Kyung Gu plays the role of chief detective Hwang Won Jin who tries to track down James.  Han Hyo Joo rounds out the cast by playing the role of Ha Yoon Ju who is a detective newly assigned to the surveillance team headed by Hwang Won Jin.  

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