C.N Blue’s leader Jung Yong Hwa decided that he will become a top singer because of his mother. He revealed this story on the “Busan Men” special of “Come to Play”.


On the show, Jung Yong Hwa shared that his mother wept while watching his debut stage. “My mother wasn’t happy about me becoming a singer up until my debut,” he said. “Throughout my auditions and even when I became a trainee, her reaction was basically, ‘Go ahead~ let’s see how well you can do.’”


He added: “I finally had my debut stage and my mother was there. I couldn’t see anyone except for my weeping mother. At that moment, I decided that I had to become one of the best singers out there.” The guests on the show teared up listening to this story.


The guests of “Come to Play”’s “Busan Men” special included Jung Yong Hwa, 2AM’s Chang Min, actor Kim Min Jun, comedian Kim Tae Hyun, Supreme Team’s Simon D, and comedienne Kim Sook. The show is set to air on October 4th at 11:15PM.


Source: BNT News via Daum