CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa continues to further himself in the entertainment industry. In the “K-Pop Star World – Just CN Blue” special aired on MBC on April 21, the band’s frontman revealed a glimpse of himself in his next project as a producer.

Jung Yong Hwa is producing a track, which he also composed for his junior at FNC Entertainment, Juniel. “K-Pop Star World” followed him into the recording session and captured him giving kind guidance, direction and counsel to the younger singer.

The CN Blue vocalist and guitarist is not a stranger to composing. “When I make a song really fast, it comes out in 10 minutes,” he said on the broadcast. Jung Yong Hwa also wrote “Where You Are,” the four-man band’s second major label single in Japan. “Where You Are” is noteworthy for having reached the top spot of the Oricon Singles Chart, the first time a foreign band reached No. 1 in 41 years.

Jung Yong Hwa, however, is a rookie at taking on a producer role for Juniel’s Korean debut. Juniel, a product of a talent show, has been active in Japan but will be launching her career in Korea soon. “K-Pop Star World” also revealed that the track Jung Yong Hwa wrote and produced for Juniel is a duet and will feature the CN Blue leader’s vocals.