Customers of “Youn’s Kitchen” have fallen for Jung Yoo Mi’s charms!

During the latest episode of tvN’s “Youn’s Kitchen” on April 14, foreigners who visited the restaurant were captivated by Jung Yoo Mi’s looks.

A Polish couple visited “Youn’s Kitchen” that day and eventually found out that the place was run for filming purposes. Then the man asked Lee Seo Jin, “Are there other actors here?”

Lee Seo Jin answered, “Our employees are all actors.” Upon hearing his answer, the woman said, “No wonder the lady was pretty.”

Then, wanting to show it off to fellow Korean friends, the Polish couple took a couple of photos with the employees.

Later on, seven Chinese tourists came to the restaurant, saw Jung Yoo Mi, and said, “That Korean lady is so pretty. She looks fancy.”

Jung Yoo Mi was complimented last time also for the same reason, and it seems like more and more people are taking notice of her beauty.

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