On March 18, JYJ‘s Kim Junsu posted on twitter, “It seems like everything came in like a storm and left in these past two weeks. Like sunny days follow a storm, God, please give us the strength. Yoochun who returned to filming, Jaejoong who seems exhausted latey, and me…let’s cheer up, everyone!”

This post is in regards to all the hard times JYJ members have struggled with, recently. There was a controversial issue about JYJ Sasaeng fans, and on March 14, Park Yoochun’s father passed away unexpectedly. Junsu also added, “Let’s just laugh it all off, like we always did. There’s nothing more difficult than to be loved by everyone. But we still did a good job so far, right? Let’s cheer up, Jaejoong and Yoochun, Just a little bit more. I’m always so grateful of my members and I love you guys.” 

Fans commented, “I know this is hard on you, but I’ll always support you guys,” “From here on, only good things are to come,” and “This too shall pass.”