On May 4, 2020, Taeyeon dropped her new track “Happy” and we are — after listening to it — exactly that. Happy. It is, by far, one of Taeyeon’s warmest, softest, loveliest song and MV and SONEs are simply enchanted.


Here are 10+ GIFs from the 100,000% aesthetically satisfying “Happy” music video to keep you smiling through the day!

1. This Throwback To Cassette Days

And how she “chose” happy.

2. These Flowery Letters

If anything, this is exactly what SONEs want. They want Taeyeon to be surrounded by only the most beautiful things.

3. This Minty Cutie

SONEs are feeling a bit attacked by the visual after visual after visual after visual!

4. This Squint

This Pucca hairstyle is pure bliss. 13/10 would drop UWU.

5. This Natural Beauty

Taeyeon in her most natural vibe is the only vibe SONEs ever need.

6. This Dreamy Bridge

Is it the camera spinning or SONEs’ heads? Whatever is spinning, it is spinning for the right reason.

7. This Retro Fireworks

Does this low key show what is happening in SONE hearts watching this MV? Yes.

8. This Forest Fairy Moment

Another way to spell Taeyeon must be Tinker Bell.

9. This Transition Into Happy-ness

Yas, queen. Be happy. And nothing else.

10. This Gorgeous Smile

The MV ends with Taeyeon smiling — and for a second, it feels like the world is sparkling in glittery goodness.

Oh how she takes K-Pop fans’ breaths away!

Listen to the full track here: