TWICE‘s Sana is a visual package! She’s cute, sexy, and everything in between, and looks good no matter what she’s doing! Here are 15 photos to appreciate Sana’s beauty, that light up in the cutest glasses!

1. Sana’s such a cutie in glasses!

sana glass 6


2. She manages to look good in everything!

sana glass 5


3. She has the prettiest smile!

sana glass 4


4. Sana in glasses is gorgeous!

sana glass 3


5. Her glasses suit her so much!

sana glass 2


6. Sana in glasses making this cue pout is all part of her charm!

sana glass 1


7. Sana’s visuals are unreal.

sana glass 20


8. She’s such a cutie!

sana glass 19


9. So adorable!

sana glass 18


10. She’s a stunner even in the most casual of settings!

sana glass 17


11. She’s got killer visuals!

sana glass 16


12. She’s so cute, all bundled up like this!

sana glass 15


13. She’s the prettiest!

sana glass 14


14. She’s seriously beautiful in this photo!

sana glass 13


15. She’s so casually pretty its unreal.

sana glass 12


16. Stern Sana is still cute!

sana glass 11


17. Gorgeous!

sana glass 10


18. Sana in glasses and no make up is such a pretty look on her!

sana glass 9


19. Even in glasses, her visuals remain unmatched.

sana glass 8


20. Smiley Sana is the best Sana!

sana glass 7