On March 9, approximately 3,000 fans gathered at Teatro Caupolican in Santiago, Chile to watch JYJ perform. “JYJ South America Tour 2012” started in the hype of K-pop fever and anticipations. The three members Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu appeared on stage in bright red outfits. Thousands of fans screamed as loudly as they could, welcoming the Korean artists with open arms. Some fans even teared up when spot lights hit each members, revealing their excited faces. 


JYJ introduced themselves in Spanish, which they have been practicing diligently for a while preparing for their first visit to the fans halfway around the globe. Following the short introduction, they added, “We are really happy to meet our Chilean fans. We will do our best to show you the best performance.” Even though their Spanish introduction was clumsy and short, it was enough to express their love and gratitude.  

Excited fans rattled JYJ with the request of performing the dance of “La Colita,” which is a very popular dance in Chile that requires one to shake his or her butt in different directions. Although JYJ members were somewhat hesitant to do it at first, they complied with the request of excited and screaming fans. Junsu even added some flair to this dance, incorporating a sexy hip wave into “La Colita.” Junsu’s sexy moves led some fans to the brink of fainting.


JYJ performed total of 23 songs at this concert. Fans sang along all throughout the concert, showing off that they have memorized all Korean and English lyrics of the songs. They even mastered the rap and choreographies, proving that even though this is JYJ’s first time in Chile, their fans have been supporting and loving this group from half way around the world via Internet communities and YouTube. 

To reciprocate the love and support from their fans, JYJ members performed on stage with all the energy they have. They opened the stage with “Empty,” followed by “Mission,” and “I.D.S.-Be the One,” showcasing their powerful and masculine dance moves. They continued to rock the house with “Ayyy Girl” and “Found You.” They also prepared mellifluous ballad stages singing “Fallen Leaves” and “In Heaven” for the female fans. While JYJ was performing “Fallen Leaves,” an overwhelmingly touched female fan nearly fainted and was escorted out of the theater by staff members. 


Solo stages of each JYJ members also stood out. Yoochun performed “I Love You” with a female dancer. Their seductive and sexy performance left many fans speechless. Jaejoong sang “I’ll Protect You” and owned the stage with his sweet voice, while Junsu showcased explosive onstage charisma by performing “Intoxication.” 

JYJ members were pleasantly surprised throughout the concert. They seemed as if they couldn’t believe that they were in an unfamiliar country, as fans continuously showed love and support. Junsu commented, “Since I was very young, one of my hobbies have been to look at the world map and I always thought Chile was special for being so long in its shape. And now I’m in that country, performing. This is incredible. I am so happy and thankful to have such energetic fans.”

Yoochun also said, “The fact that JYJ is in Chile, you guys knowing about us JYJ, and cheering for us is all really new and amazing. Thank you so much for coming out and supporting us despite the fact that this is our first time being here. I don’t think we can ever leave out Chile in the future world tour concerts. I know you guys check out all the YouTube video messages from Korea here in Chile, so please keep supporting and loving us.” Jaejoong added, “Our Spanish isn’t good, so we have an interpreter with us. We would love to communicate with all the fans here. I’m really surprised to see so many male fans here. Thank you everyone for coming all the way here, and waiting for us to come here.” 

All three members closed the show by promising that they will return to Chile sometime in the future and thousands of fans seem to be disappointed at the fact that the concert was already over. However, it didn’t stop them from chanting “JYJ” and passionately enjoying the show until the curtains were down. 

Some experts say that the overall quality of the concert could not measure up to the scale in other better-kept arenas, as the distance restricted JYJ and the crew to have all the high-end facilities and no wire performance, surprise guests, and other extravagant special effects were there to garnish the stage. However, the passion, love, and support of South American fans for JYJ was greater than ever and more than enough to fill the arena. Although JYJ and Chilean fans are from different countries and speak different languages, the unified voice, movements and affection were more than enough to feel the stage and concert hall, presenting the perfect concert both for the artists and fans. 

That night in Chile was hotter than the blazing South American sun for JYJ.