Photos of JYJ’s fan signing event sponsored by Korean clothing brand, NII, were released today. Held on July 30th, the event attracted more than 500 fans, including 100 from Japan, proving their global star power once again.

The trio also held several special events such as a Q&A session, Polaroid photo session, and “lucky sign winning” contest. At the end of the event, JYJ said they wished they had more time to be with the fans and that they would do more promotions with their acting and singing.

This was one of the rare events that JYJ appeared in public as a group. Just last month, JYJ’s appearance on a KBS live TV show was abruptly cancelled due to what was reported to be “backdoor pressure.”

Jaejoong, meanwhile, made his Korean drama debut on August 3rd through SBS “Protect the Boss.” The first episode was a huge success, recording a 12.6% TV ratings, which is higher than the 10.5% rating “City Hunter” had recorded with its first episode on May 25th.