One male fan’s love of JYJ member Kim Jaejoong is attracting attention on the Internet. Pictures of the male fan taking pictures of Jaejoong were recently posted to an online forum. While most fans of male groups are made up of females, there are a number of male fans. On February 23, Kim Jaejoong went to a spurpise showing of the movie “The Day” and exchanged words with a male fan. Perhaps it is because of his kind-hearted nature that males are also his fan.

The unidentified male in the picture is seen posing with a Kim Jaejoong poster, taking a picture of an advert, kissing a picture and holding a JYJ cartoon character pillow. The netizens who saw the pictures commented that, “Wow, Jaejoong even has male fans!,” “Jaejoong’s male fans are also great,” “Jaejoong is popular with men and women of all ages.”