In a previous live stream with JYJ’s Jaejoong, he reveals to fans why he has never had a long relationship with past girlfriends.

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Jaejoong admits that even when he has a girlfriend, all he can talk about are his fans, so naturally, the relationship dwindles down, resulting in a breakup.


In the girlfriends’ position, they may not understand why he is talking about his fans when he’s with her. But Jaejoong is known for his overflowing love for his fans as they have been supporting him for a very long time.

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He then asks the fans if they have a boyfriend.

You got a boyfriend right? Now that you have a boyfriend talk about me when you’re with him. Try it! Let me see how long you guys last! You will probably break up very soon.

— Jaejoong

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The fan then asked, “I won’t date or get married. Is this a good thing?”


To this, Jaejoong replied, “Why are you asking me this? You guys always tell me not to date or get married too!”

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He then makes a decision to just live alone together with his fans until the end.


Ok let’s all live alone~forever alone~ and later rent a retirement home and live together.

— Jaejoong

Looks like JYJ fans don’t need to worry as Jaejoong has their future all planned out!