JYJ Junsu (XIA) has unveiled a new teaser image for the D-2 countdown to his second solo album release.

Titled “Incredible,” the album contains the title song of the same name among its numerous tracks, whose music video teaser has previously been released. You can check that out here. Starting yesterday, Junsu has unveiled a image cut from the music video to count down the days till the July 15 album release. Along with the image, Junsu also answers randomly selected questions from fans, one per day. You can leave your questions at JYJ’s official Facebook page.

For D-2, Junsu answered username Beata Skop’s question from Poland. He replied, “For this album, I referred to many songs from other artists for inspiration and spent countless hours focusing on this album over several months. The album includes songs that are very different in style and genre and I hope to pass on my genuine feelings to my fans through these songs. I personally have come to cherish each and every one of the songs included in this album. There are songs that make me dance and songs that arouse my senses… The album making process was nothing but a pleasure and a very rewarding experience. Thank you for the question. How is the summer in Poland?” [sic]

Counting down to July 15, an “Incredible” day!