JYJ has been appointed as UN’s Asia Pacific goodwill ambassadors for their UNAIDS program, which focuses on HIV/AIDS.

UNAIDS is the United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS, which was launched in 1996 in order to prevent and monitor the spread of the epidemic, as well as support people affected by the disease. According to the UN, 30-40% of thise affected by aids are youth, and they expect JYJ to “encourage increased HIV awareness and fundraising for UNAIDS-related activities.” The trio join the likes of Annie Lennox and Naomi Watts, making them the program’s thirteenth goodwill ambassadors.

As part of their new role as ambassadors for the UN, they will hold special events and shoot and release public service announcements for the duration of the year.

JYJ are also official ambassadors for the 10th international Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific, or ICAAP. They are set to appear at the opening of Congress in Busan.