Boy group JYJ’s label has asserted that the reports of a clash with on-site media ahead of the group’s Taiwan concert was a misunderstanding.

On the morning of September 12, a representative for C-JeS Entertainment told OSEN News, “At the press conference, reporters were asked to refrain from using flash photography. Somewhere in the asking process a miscommunication between the host and the reporters seems to have occurred. Five or six reports lodged a complaint with the host, but this was not a boycott [as originally reported]. The dispute was resolved amicably and the reporters returned later to resume their report,” he said, hinting at regret that such a small matter had caused such an issue.

Another representative who was at the press conference in Taiwan confirmed this statement, saying, “Even through the dispute process, JYJ remained amicable,” and “After the reporters who left to file a complaint returned, we gave them another opportunity to take photos of JYJ,” he explained.

Previous media reports had stated that on September 11 during a press conference in Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall, a disagreement between JYJ’s host and Taiwanese reporters about picture taking led to over 50 reporters boycotting the conference.

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