Recently, JYJ shared on their official YouTube account, a type of “fancam” recorded by themselves, showing the huge amount of fans just outside the hotel they were staying in Peru.

The video shows over a thousand fans waiving at them while JYJ was in the balcony of the hotel. There were so many fans, that the traffic of cars was stopped for safety reasons. There were also present, fans from other countries such as Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela.

And fans weren’t only present at their hotel. A couple of hours earlier, before the arrival of JYJ at the airport in Peru, 3,000 thousand fans gathered inside and outside the premises of the airport. While they were waiting for JYJ to land, fans were singing fanchants and claiming in unison, “JYJ, JYJ, JYJ!”.

Once JYJ landed, they had to leave the airport using another entrance due to safety reasons since the massive amount of fans was difficult to handle.

Their concert in Peru was held on March 11 and was their last stop in their 15-city world tour.

JYJ did make their fans in Peru really happy with their visit for the first time in the country. What do you think?

[Fans gathered inside and outside the airport]

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