Through a press release, JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment stated on April 5, “For 4 days from June 28 we will open an exhibition titled ‘2012 JYJ Membership Week’ at the Hag Yeoul subway station SETEC.”

JYJ Membership Week is a fan meeting for JYJ fans worldwide. The CEO of C-JeS Entertainment stated, “This event is for fan members and will let them see, hear, and experience everything about JYJ. This is the first time in South Korea that a large scale fan exhibition of this sort is being held.”

There are a lot of different segments for the event. The event will include a JYJ picture exhibition, a JYJ chosen food zone, and events to make memories with JYJ.”

A representative of C-JeS stated, “We will have cover dance festival with groups from each continent. C-JeS will provide everything so that the groups that are chosen beforehand can arrive at the exhibition.”

The CEO of C-JeS stated, “JYJ fans are all over the world. Because we have such a diverse range of fans, what they want is different. This event will satisfy all of those fans. The event will be free and it is more of a festival to give back to the fans.”

The JYJ members stated, “We are so happy and our heart is fluttering at the thought of the festival. We want to give bigger happiness to fans by getting directly involved in the event by providing ideas. We hope that the occasion will allow us to give back to fans who have supported and loved us.”