JYJ completed their 15-city world tour with the end of their concert in Peru on March 11. JYJ’s world tour began last April in Thailand, visiting all continents except Africa over the past year.

For this world tour concert, JYJ had a three year preparation period. With the strong preparation, JYJ became the first K-Pop artist to hold a solo concert in Peru and Chile. In total, the world tour is estimated to have brought in over 210,000 people to all concerts.

“All the concerts sold over 80% of its tickets, while 12 cities sold out,” JYJ’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment said in a statement.

“We were truly surprised by the huge crowd waiting at the airport and hotel. I had no idea we would get to see things that only happened in Asia here in South America. We’re so happy and we’ll do our best to return the favor with a better concert,” Yoochun said.

JYJ’s agency added, “JYJ’s world tour showed us success but also homework to take care of. We didn’t leave the concert to third party agencies, and instead visited every city in advance to plan a concert that suited each country, which is the main reason for our success. However, we need to solve issues regarding long-term plans to interact with fans in each country and find ways to distribute albums in Europe and Latin America.”

Meanwhile, JYJ will focus on individual activities and recording for their second English album, which is slated for release in the second half of this year.