JYJ’s Yoochun left a comical photo of himself with fellow group mate Jaejoong on his twitter page on July 13th.

“Hope ‘Protect the Boss’ makes it big! Jaejoong hyung fighting!” wrote Yoochun below this funny photo where he’s making a goofy facial expression that contradicts his usual clean-cut image.

After seeing this photo, netizens have commented, “You guys are so cute together,” “Fighting to Yoochun and ‘Miss Ripley’ too,” and “Jaejoong oppa’s crazy good-looking face.”

“Protect the Boss” is an upcoming TV drama starring Jaejoong, who will play the role of a financial guru and right hand man to the main character Ji Sung. It will first air on August 3rd through SBS after the finale of “City Hunter.” Yoochun is currently playing the role of Song Yoo Hyun on MBC “Miss Ripley” which has been the most watched drama on Monday and Tuesday nights lately.

JYJ has not been able to do much TV promotions in the Korean market lately due to legal issues with their previous agency SM Entertainment, and as a result, each member has been spending more time in pursuing individual acting careers.