After receiving positive feedback from his seniors in the field, JYJ‘s Kim Jaejoong‘s acting is also being praised within the academe – Kim Min Sung, chairman of the board of directors of Seoul Arts College, has given his praise.

In response to Jaejoong’s role as Cha Mu Won in SBS’ “Protect The Boss“, which is not the drama’s main lead character, the chairman comments, “In contrast to majority of idol stars who appear glitteringly as lead characters with their popularity on their backs, the role that Kim Jaejoong has taken on is the sub-lead, the rival in love to the male lead. This drama in which ability-oriented actors such as Ji Sung, Choi Kang Hee, and Park Young Kyu are lined up, Kim Jaejoong is receiving great love through his stable acting and fantastic collaborative synergy.”

He then goes on to praise Jaejoong’s acting and mannerisms on screen, stating that, “As befitting as a top artist who conquered the stage of Asia, the acting of his eyes particularly stand out. Furthermore, even the stable vocalization and mid-low voice jump over the passing marks and near the honor marks.”

However, it is not only Jaejoong’s acting which was subject to praise, but also his ability to challenge various fields of the entertainment industry, “Just as his role in the drama who is the perfect man equipped with manners, abilities, and the art of living, Kim Jaejoong has many talents. As fitting of an idol, singing and dance come standard, but he is multi-talented—composing songs, writing lyrics, and directing performances. Since acting abilities are to be added to the mix, the term “Renaissance man Idol” is not enough.”

After making his acting debut in 2009’s “Heaven’s Postman” and his TV debut in the Japanese drama “Hard to Say I Love You“, Jaejoong made his Korean drama debut just this year. He currently stars in the hit SBS drama “Protect the Boss”, alongside Ji Sung, Choi Kang Hee and Wang Ji Hye.

Source: JYJ3, MyDaily