On March 16, JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun and actor Park Yoo Hwan laid their father to rest at the Seoul Memorial Park. The funeral ceremony took place at the Sungmo Hospital in Seoul, and fellow JYJ and C-Jes Entertainment members stayed by the brothers’ side throughout the ordeal. However, many noticed that Jaejoong was nowhere to be seen.

It’s been revealed that Jaejoong was unable to attend because he had collapsed in exhaustion. For the past three days, he could not stop his tears as he helplessly stood by Yoo Chun and his family.  A representative stated, “Jaejoong has been crying nonstop since he arrived in Korea following the tour in South America. He showed signs of exhaustion, so we sent him home. He’s currently in a state where he’s not able to do anything, and he’s receiving IV treatments. He’ll need some time to rest and recover.”