On July 20, JYJ‘s Kim Jaejoong posted a humorous photo on his Twitter commenting, “Tough it out a little longer!”

The photo of Kim Jaejoong shows the frontal hair swept back, emitting charisma through his gaze towards the camera. Along with black sunglasses, Kim Jaejoong gives off a “tough guy” image.

Netizens commented the photo saying, “He has such white skin”, “Even though his front hair is flipped, he looks very cool”, and “Because his front hair is pushed back he looks even sexier!”.

Kim Jaejoong is currently filming MBC‘s weekend drama “Dr. Jin” as Kim Gyung Tak, powerfully captivating viewers with his charismatic acting through this character who is suffering through many troubles and seeking love from his father. As Kim Gyung Tak, Kim Jaejoong brings an emotional performance, dedicating all of his time for this role.