Sad day for JYJ fans!

According to Kuki News, JYJ’s Junsu and Jaejoong plan to join the military within this year. They are currently using this time to prepare for their mandatory service. In Jaejoong’s case, he already received several draft notices in the past, but had his enlistment postponed due to pre-scheduled activities abroad. The report says that it might be hard for him to postpone his enlistment any longer.

One representative said, “Because he has frequent performances abroad and other schedules, we’re currently adjusting his schedule. It seems that he’ll probably leave for service at the end of this year and at the latest by February of next year.”

Kim Junsu has received the notice that he’ll be placed as a Level 2 soldier, which qualifies him to not serve in active duty. A representative stated, “Due to the recent celebrity soldier scandal, they want to serve as plain soldiers. As the military service is a sensitive issue for male celebrities, as they can receive the harsh criticism, both men have decided to go properly.”

A representative from their agency stated, “All three members of JYJ plan to enlist for service as it’s something all South Korean men should have to do.”

Meanwhile, Park Yoochun was notified that he’ll be assigned as a Level 4 public service agent due to asthma. No light has been shed about his immediate plans to enter military service.