At a press conference held on June 1 for upcoming musical “Death Note,” the cast members shared their definitions of love in light of the characters they depict.

JYJ’s Junsu, who plays the character L in the musical, defined love as sacrifice, “The greatest definition of love is sacrifice. In ‘Death Note’ the musical, you can see the sacrifice in Rem’s (Park Hye Na) unconditional love for Misa (Jeong SunA).”

Park Hye Na also referenced her character Rem as an example of true love, “There is a scene where [Rem] puts her life on the line so that Misa can attain love. She transforms because of Misa’s devoted love. I believe love is a sublime power that most humanizes and beautifies mankind.”

Hong Kwang Ho, who depicts Light, shared, “To me, love is giving up the starring role in my life. It’s taking on the supporting role and putting the people you love in the lead.”

Mentioning her character Misa, Jeong SunA said, “Misa is a character who loves Light [so much] that she gives him her all, but I think the love between me and Rem (Park Hye Na) is worth focusing on more. Sure, [Rem] admires Kira who avenged her parents, but it was the love between a human being and a god of death (shinigami) that touched my heart.”

Meanwhile, “Death Note” is a musical adaptation of the titular hit manga series by Takeshi Obata. It will run at the Seongnam Arts Center Opera House from June 20 to August 9.

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