Back at the press conference for the “2011 International Seoul Drama Awards,” JYJ‘s Yoochun hinted at dropping by the film set of fellow member Jaejoong.  It seems he’s kept his promise, as he and Junsu visited the set of SBS‘s “Protect the Boss” on August 30 with a luxurious meal for 150 staff members!

There’s no better way of saying you support someone than to make sure they’re fed well and happy.  The trio livened up the atmosphere on set with their warm display of friendship and even shared encouraging words to one another.  “He synchronizes well with his costars on set.  He’s a great actor and that makes it all the more fun,” Yoochun and Junsu said.  Jaejoong politely responded with a thank you.

Fellow co-star Choi Kang Hee spoke up over their meal and thanked the boys by saying, “Thanks for treating us, Yoochun and Junsu.” 

“You will cameo for us, right?” PD Son Jung Hyun playfully asked. Will they?