On April 24, JYJ’s Junsu revealed the first teasers for his upcoming solo album. He released seven photos and one 32-second video through JYJ’s official Facebook page and YouTube channel.  The overall concept of the solo album is called, “Unequalled,” and judging from the teasers, Junsu does seem to have come up with a style and music that is incomparable.

“We named the album concept ‘Unequalled’ to emphasize Junsu’s unique identity and creativity. We’re expecting this album to bring the best results, as it involves some of the top experts,” CJ-eS Entertainment said in a statement.

The second teaser for Junsu’s first solo album will be released on May 2, as he will reveal a teaser every two weeks until the albums’ release in mid-May. He will also hold a concert in Seoul on May 19 and 20. Stay tuned for more updates!