JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong is deep in thought in front of cup noodles.

On August 9, he posted a tweet, “To eat or not to eat,” “Which one to eat” along with two pictures of himself.

In the released pictures, Jae Joong crouches in an adorable position in front of two nicely aligned cups of noodles. His hands embrace his face as he worries over the question whether to eat them or not. The picture on the right shows a more complicated situation of one too many options. He still does not fail to keep it stylish, as he dons a beanie and sunglasses.

Netizens who have seen these pictures responded, “I wonder which one he ended up eating,” “Worrying himself sick,” “It’s so cute of him crouching down like a kid,” “I bet he ate them both.”

Meanwhile, Jae Joong was recently cast as Kim Kyung Tak in “Dr. Jin.” The drama is scheduled to complete its run on August 11.