Starting from the morning of March 14 until now, JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun is in a hospital, currently mourning the loss of his father.

Since March 6, JYJ has left for their South American tour. Yoo Chun’s father passed away while Yoo Chun was still in South America. Thus, he has not been able to get much rest for the past ten days. It is reported that fortunately, Yoo Chun’s cold has finally gone away and his health is in a normal state.

A source of Park Yoo Chun spoke with OSEN on March 15 and said, “As the chief mourner, Yoo Chun is neither eating nor sleeping and is continuing to mourn the loss of his father. His younger brother Yoo Hwan is resting here and there but Yoo Chun is taking up the role of the chief mourner. Fortunately, his cold is gone. His health is normal but because he’s still young, he’s taking it very hard.”

In Korea, it is customary for the eldest son to become a chief mourner when a family member passes away. It is also customary to go through a mourning period for the deceased family member for about three days.

After ending a successful tour in Chile and Peru, Yoo Chun took a long flight back to Korea. Despite having jet-lag, after the mourning period is over on March 16, he will return to the set of “Rooftop Prince,” and start his schedule there.

The source also said, “We still haven’t decided when he is going to start shooting but we’re at a situation where we can’t really ask for an extension. We need to discuss this further after the mourning period ends.”

Once again, Soompi expresses our deepest condolences and we hope for the best for Yoo Chun in the future.