During the 48th Baeksang Arts Award ceremony that was held on April 26, the banter between the comedian Park Sung Kwang and JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun gained a lot of attention.  

Park Sung Kwang appears on the “Brave Guys” corner of “Gag Concert.” The segment typically shows three comedians talking about topics that other people are too “afraid” to mention.

During the awards ceremony Park Sung Kwang stated, “Park Yoo Chun fans listen carefully, I slept with Park Yoo Chun before. When he sleeps he sleeps naked.”

Park Yoo Chun was flabbergasted.

Afterwards, he received the TV Popular Male award and stated, “When I sleep I wear my underwear.

For the “Baeksang Art Awards” there were 14 different TV awards and 11 different Film awards.