Recently, a video of JYJ’s Yoochun getting slapped by a sasaeng fan was uploaded to various online communities, garnering interest. In the video, Yoochun was trying to get past a horde of fans outside his hair salon, when one sasaeng fan slapped him on the face. Yoochun delicately touches the part of his cheek that was slapped and glares at the fan before moving on. Other fans in the area also seemed surprise at the sasaeng fan’s unexpected assault.

According to the comments on the post, the sasaeng fan hit Yoochun because she figured “he would remember her because she slapped him.”

Netizens commented, “Why did you slap him? He must have been surprised at the unexpected and sudden attack,” “This is absurd,” “Can you really call yourself a fan when you harm that celebrity?” and more. 

Meanwhile, Yoochun is currently in South America with Jaejoong and Junsu for a JYJ concert in Chile and Peru. He’s also busy filming his latest drama “Rooftop Prince” with Han Ji Min. “Rooftop Prince” is about a Chosun era Crown Prince Lee Gak (Park Yoo Chun) who was in the midst of investigating the death of his Crown Princess (Jung Yumi) when he mysteriously gets sucked into the future and meets his destined love (Han Ji Min). The historical-fusion-contemporary-fantasy drama “Rooftop Prince” will premiere on SBS on March 21.