TWICE recently made their comeback with “Feel Special”, and they held a showcase with the media press to celebrate their new release.

twice jihyo showcase daniel 3


During the interview segment, one reporter asked how Jihyo felt about making a comeback after her dating news with boyfriend Kang Daniel.

twice jihyo daniel showcase


Before any of the members can make a statement, a representative from JYP Entertainment took the mic and asked the reporters to refrain from asking questions about the members’ individual private lives.

I’m very sorry that I have to say this, but the album and comeback are a very important issue for the company. We apologize but would like to pass on any questions about the members’ private lives.

— JYP Entertainment Representative


Kang Daniel and Jihyo had confirmed that they have been in a relationship since the beginning of this year. The two were spotted on dates at Kang Daniel’s house and were reported to have been a great strength to each other during difficult times.

twice jihyo showcase daniel 1


No matter how Jihyo feels about her boyfriend, the main important issue at hand is that the queens have returned! Check out their new music video below: