JYP Entertainment has released an official statement regarding 2PM member Wooyoung’s upcoming military enlistment.

At a fan signing event on June 16, Wooyoung brought up the subject of his mandatory military service. He told fans, “This event may be my last promotional activity before enlisting,” adding, “Although it’s sad and we will miss each other, if you look at the deeper meaning, I’m going in order to protect all of you [as a soldier]. I’m going in order to protect my family, the [2PM] members, and our staff. I hope you will cheer me on with pride.”

On June 21, a representative of JYP Entertainment clarified that the details of Wooyoung’s upcoming military service had not yet been decided, stating, “Wooyoung’s enlistment date has not yet been determined.”

The 2PM member previously mentioned in an interview with media outlet Star News that he planned to enlist sometime in the second half of this year.

During his fan signing event on June 16, Wooyoung bid his fans farewell and promised, “I will [return to] stand before all of you after becoming a real man by adjusting to [military life] in good health and without getting injured.”

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