Park Jin Young was dissed by Yoon Young Joon, a star songwriter whose work includes Sung Shi Kyung’s “Two People,” “Would Be Nice,” and “Longing,” as well as Hwa Yo Bi’s “Winter Butterfly.” On March 4, Yoon Young Joon wrote on his twitter, “I think it would be better for JYP to learn how to sing from Park Ji Min instead.”

It was an obvious jab at Park Jin Young, who’s better known as JYP, for the harsh comments he made during the SBS audition show, “K-Pop Star.” On the March 4 episode of “K-Pop Star,” which went live for the first time, Park Ji Min was strongly criticized by JYP for her singing style. He critiqued Park Ji Min’s cover of Jaurim’s “Hey Hey Hey” as, “What Ji Min is really good at doing is singing high notes. It’s overwhelmingly good. But it feels like you’re only good at what you’re good at doing. I think more than anything you need to work on your middle and low pitch vocals. Only then you will become a true candidate to win it all.”

Netizens who saw the tweet commented, “JYP probably said that to make Park Ji Min practice harder,” “JYP was a bit too harsh with his words,” and “I watch this show only because of JYP’s critique.”

JYP gave Park Ji Min 85 points for her performance, which wasn’t the highest point of the night. But Park Ji Min managed to receive the highest overall evaluation among the 10 contestants. Here’s the clip of her performance from last night. Enjoy!