JYP Entertainment surprised fans when a CF popped up featuring their head honcho, Park Jin Young. As the CF was for a new cosmetics line, many wondered what they were up to this time.

Through the CF video, Park Jin Young explained that JYP Entertainment was embarking on a new business project, SIORIS beauty.

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With the tagline “power in you“, SIORIS aims to harvest the regenerative properties already present in the human body through synergy with organic ingredients.

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Park Jin Young fervently mentioned the main ingredient, organically grown tea leaves from Bosung. He emphasized that his love for organic products pushed him to want to use its properties to bring out the beauty in people.

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The star product of the line is their essener, a two-in-one product that is a combination of toner and essence. He also recommends their moisturizing cream for those that have dry skin.

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The line has a total of 7 products.

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Upon further research, it was found that the brand originally launched in 2018, without mention of JYP Entertainment or Park Jin Young. Through the rebranding in 2021, the brand decided on a collaboration with Park Jin Young’s company, given his renowned love for organic ingredients. Park Jin Young is listed as one of the main investors in the brand as well. Catch the CF video below.