JYP Entertainment spoke with local media and gave an update on 2PM’s Nichkhun, who hasn’t made any public appearances since his car accident last week.

On August 2, an official from JYPE told OSEN, “Nichkhun has been reflecting on himself since the accident. As mentioned earlier, he will not show up at the ‘JYP Nation,’ scheduled for August 4, and all other official promotional activities.”

It continued, “We’ve pushed back all local and Japanese activities, but some of the events are already under contract, so we’ll have to arrange a deal with our partners.”

Meanwhile, JYPE reached a settlement agreement with the victim of the can accident that happened on July 31. Nichkhun crashed into a motorcyclist on July 24 after a company outing. He was found to have been driving under the influence at the moment, resulting in a suspension of his driver’s license.