JYP Entertainment disclosed behind-the-scene practice photos of JYPE artists diligently preparing and practicing for the upcoming JYP Nation concert. With only a couple days left until the concert, the level of intensity has risen and yet, everyone looks like they are having a good time with each other.

The revealed photos show JYP, Min, Hyelim, and Jr. practicing as a group and 2PM and Wonder Girls working together to present joint stages during JYP Nation concert. 2PM’s Junsu looks as if he is cracking a joke while Wonder Girls’ Sohee is trying to hold her laughter in, focusing more on practicing. In the corner, Junho is playing with Sunye‘s dog Commong while JYP is sitting by the window playing on a mini-keyboard, working on a new song in the middle of this chaotic practice session.

JYP Entertainment confidently stated, “All artists at JYPE are coming together as one, practicing and preparing for the upcoming concert. They have more diverse stages and surprises ready than they did in last year’s JYP Nation concert. They are not afraid of fans’ high expectations, so come ready to be surprised and impressed.”

JYP Nation Concert will be held on August 4 at Olympic Gymnasium Stadium in Seoul, Korea.