Park Jin Young shared his thoughts about the end of KBS drama, “Dream High 2.

On March 21, Park Jin Young, the music producer better known as JYP, tweeted, “’Dream High 2’ came to an end. It was my first time directing a drama, so I didn’t have much knowledge about the things that could happen during the production. I think there’s so much more you learn when the results are bad. I’m not sure what the next drama’s going to be, but I think I’ll do a much better job. Thank you so much to all the viewers, bow!”

He followed up with another tweet in English, saying, “Learned so much by creating Dream High. Promise u the next show that I create will be much much better! Thank you so much for watching… ♥”

After starring as the goofy character Yang Jin Man in the original series of “Dream High,” Park Jin Young rejoined the cast for the second season of the show. He also took the role of creative director this time, however, the results weren’t as good, as TV ratings saw a low 6.6% for its final episode.