JYP Entertainment held its first Japanese concert, “JYP Nation in Japan,” at the Saitama Super Arena on August 17th. For over three hours, all of the top JYP artists, including Park Jin Young, 2AM, 2PM, miss A, Wonder Girls, JOO, Lim Jeong Hee, and San E, went on stage to perform live and captivate the hearts of more than 12,000 fans in attendance. Although most of these artists have not made their official debut in Japan yet, more than 400 press members from 200 media outlets came to cover the event, proving once again K-Pop’s growing presence across the world.

The concert kicked off with miss A’s “Good Bye Baby,” followed by consecutive performances of “Love Alone,” “Breathe,” and “Bad Girl Good Girl.” JOO, 2AM, and San E followed suit, before Wonder Girls sang “Tell Me” and “2 Different Tears.” 2PM later appeared for the loudest performance, singing “I’m Your Man,” “Heartbeat,” and “Without U” in Japanese.

“JYP Nation in Japan” also featured joint performances as 2AM teamed up with San E and Wonder Girls, while Park Jin Young went on stage with Wonder Girls, JOO, and miss A. One of the most popular stages was the joint performance by 2PM and 2AM for “One Day.”

“It was such a great time for us to have all JYP artists perform on the same stage. We had the best time because of the fans that came to see us at the concert, and we were able to feel their love and support. JYP Nation really hopes to come and see our Japanese fans again. Thank you so much and we’ll do our best to put on another great show,” JYP said in a statement.

JYP Nation will hold the second “JYP Nation in Japan” concert on August 18th and return to Korea on the 19th.