Wonder GirlsSunye recently revealed her plans of going to Haiti as a missionary. A representative from her agency, JYP Entertainment, addressed the matter with TV Daily through a phone conversation on July 10. The representative said, “After Sunye got married, she told us that for the time being, she’d like to focus on her marriage life. It’s not necessary for her to discuss her personal life with us. The missionary plans are part of her personal life, so we didn’t ask about them. It’s something we don’t really know about.”

In regards to the other Wonder Girls members, the representative said, “This doesn’t change the plans or activities of the other members. They’ll continue with their activities.”

On June 20, broadcaster Lee Mina tweeted about her meeting with Sunye. She said, “I’ve wanted to meet Wonder Girls’ Sunye for a while. It was our first encounter but we sat for a while, not noticing the time go as she talked about God’s grace. It was a wonderful time.”

She also said, “Six months after she gives birth, Sunye will be going to Haiti as a missionary. She wants to use her gifts for God, and she has such a beautiful heart. She is so humble and caring.”

Haiti is the place where Sunye first met her husband, James Pak, who is a missionary. Currently, they are visiting Montreal, Canada. They were wed in January of this year.