On the April 30 episode of “Healing Camp JYP appeared and talked about his drug rumor and also an interesting behind story of “SBS K-Pop Star.” JYP revealed a conversation he had with his tearful mother at the time.

JYP also spoke about the behind story regarding “SBS K-Pop Star.” JYP is well-known as a very harsh and critical judge. However on “Healing Camp” he stated that the reason he was portrayed this way was all part of YG.’s plan. JYP stated, “All of this was YG’s trick.” While convincing him to be on the show, YG made a promise to JYP. Due to YG’s betrayal, the two had contrasting images on the show.

When asked what his final goal in life was, JYP stated that he wanted to figure out who made humans and the world. That is why he is currently studying the “Evolution Theory,” and the “Intelligent Design Theory.”