Updated October 13 KST:

The next three trainees of “Stray Kids” have been revealed!

Check out photos of Han Ji Sung, Kim Seung Min, and Yang Jeong In below:

Updated October 12 KST:

The next three trainees of “Stray Kids” have been revealed!

Check out the photos of Seo Chang Bin, Hwang Hyun Jin, and Felix below:

Updated October 11 KST:

Following a group shot, “Stray Kids” has now unveiled photos of three members!

Check out the images of Bang Chan, Kim Woo Jin, and Lee Min Ho below:

Original Article:

JYP Entertainment has revealed the nine mysterious boys of their reality program “Stray Kids.”

On October 8, the agency uploaded a group shot of the nine members on their official Twitter and Facebook accounts. The members are wearing black and white autumn clothes and are lined up in a row, showing off their own unique personality and charisma.The nine members previously released their music video “Hellevator” on October 6, showcasing strong hip-hop music and a powerful performance. The music video gained a lot of attention, as “Stray Kids” was the number one searched term on portal sites. Many are curious as to how different “Stray Kids” will be from JYP’s previous survival show “SIXTEEN,” which formed the popular record-breaking group TWICE.

“Stray Kids” is an upcoming JYP program that aims to show off the characteristics and charms of their trainees. With the goal of the whole group debuting, the members will take on missions set by the agency and show off their unique talent as well as strong teamwork. The show will also broadcast the never-before-seen “JYP Trainee Showcase.” “Stray Kids” will air its first episode on October 17 at 11 p.m. KST

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